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ER_PR_SLCH_107   Sterling Silver Chains Earrings by Paula Rosellini
NK_PR_SLCH_203   Sterling Silver Chains Necklace by Paula Rosellini
ER_IS_BLS_041   Sterling Silver Chandelier Earrings with Swarovski Crystals & Cubic zirconia by Issimo
ER_IS_PIN_040N   Sterling Silver Chandelier Earrings with Swarovski Crystals & Cubic zirconia by Issimo
NK_CH_FLHR_219   Sterling Silver Charm Necklace with Cherry Quartz & Freshwater Pearls by Chou
CH_SILBRU_17   Sterling Silver Comb Charm with Cubic Zirconia
CH_SIL_CRHRT_11   Sterling Silver Crystal Heart Charm
CH_SIL_WHPIECE_12   Sterling Silver Crystal Piece Charm
CH_SILYIN_14   Sterling Silver Crystal Yin-Yang Ball Charm
BR_CR_SLV_086   Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet with 16.8ct Cubic Zirconia by Crislu
CF_LB_SHR_003   Sterling Silver Cufflinks with 0.30 Ct Rubies by Laura Besant
ER_JB_SDR_074   Sterling Silver Drop Earrings with Cubic Zirconia by JC Bertranet
ER_LB_SLVPRL_016   Sterling Silver Drop Earrings with Freshwater Pearls by Lab33
ER_CH_SLVFL_015   Sterling Silver Drop Flower Earrings by Chou - Exclusive
CH_ENMBAG_32   Sterling Silver Enamel Bag Charm
CH_SILBOAT_27   Sterling Silver Enamel Boat Charm
CH_ENMCAR_33   Sterling Silver Enamel Car Charm
CH_ENCLOVE_21   Sterling Silver Enamel Clove Charm with Cubic Zirconia
NK_IS_CRS_043   Sterling Silver Enamel Cross Necklace & Swarovski Crystals by Issimo
CH_SILDOG_25   Sterling Silver Enamel Dog Charm - Pendant
CH_ENMHRT_28   Sterling Silver Enamel Heart Charm
CH_SILICE_29   Sterling Silver Enamel Ice Cream Charm
CH_ENMUSR_30   Sterling Silver Enamel Mushroom Charm
CH_SILVESPA_26   Sterling Silver Enamel Scooter Charm
R_JB_SLV_036   Sterling Silver Eternity Ring & Cubic Zirconia by JC Bertranet
BR_CH_SLVEYE_48   Sterling Silver Evil Eye Bracelet by Chou - Exclusive
CH_CRFLW_24   Sterling Silver Flower Charm with Cubic Zirconia
ER_LB_SLFL_012   Sterling Silver Flower Drop Earrings by Lab33
BR_PR_SHR_091   Sterling Silver Heart Charm Bracelet by Paula Rosellini
R_JB_PNK_038   Sterling Silver Heart Ring with Pink Resin by JC Bertranet
CH_ENMLEAF_18   Sterling Silver Lady Bug and Leaf Enamel Charm
NK_CH_BLHR_237   Sterling Silver Necklace & Black Agate Hearts by Chou -EXCLUSIVE
NK_AM_CW_050   Sterling Silver Necklace with Ebony & Seashell by Amok
BR_EL_SL_083   Sterling Silver Oval Bangle Bracelet by Elefteriu
CH_SIL_BLKPIECE_12   Sterling Silver Piece Charm with Black Crystal
R_JB_PUR_035   Sterling Silver Ring with Amethyst Cubic zirconia by JC Bertranet
R_JB_WHT_037   Sterling Silver Ring with Mother of Pearl & Cubic Zirconia by JC Bertranet
CH_SILSHELL_20   Sterling Silver Sea Shell Charm
ER_MB_STR_036   Sterling Silver Star Earrings & Amethyst Cubic Zirconia by Monaco
R_MB_WHT_021   Sterling Silver with Cubic Zirconia Ring by Monaco
NK_KM_BLK_021   Swarovski Crystal Pendant Necklace with Silver Chains by KennyMa
NK_PR_PRQR_209   Swarovski Pearl Necklace & Rock Crystal Quartz by Paula Rosellini
NK_CH_THRT_228   Tiger Eye Heart Pendant Necklace by Chou
NK_CH_TGGL_020   Tiger Eye Semi Precious Necklace with Gold Flower by Chou - EXCLUSIVE
NK_CH_TR_109   Turquoise Pendant Necklace by Chou
NK_MR_WHT_0168   White & Clear Murano Pendant Necklace by Farfalina
NK_BB_PCP_236   White 7.5-8mm Freshwater Pearls Necklace with Citrine & Peridot semi-precious stones
NK_BB_WHPL_22   White 9-9.5mm Freshwater Pearls Necklace by Bora Bora
R_KJL_WHT_118   White Beads & Tanzinite Crystal Ring by Kenneth Jay Lane
NK_CH_WHFL_212   White Freshwater Pearls & Silver Flower Charm Necklace by Chou
NK_FR_WHPR_0199   White Pearl Necklace with Swarovski Pearls & Crystals
NK_PR_YGAG_226   Yellow & Green Agate Semi-Precious Stones Necklace by Paula Rosellini

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